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Sue Perini, 65

 / Sue Perini, 65

Sue Perini, 65

I’m a happily married (2nd time round) 65 year old who retired from the commercial workplace thirty five years ago. Whilst I’ve had no children of my own I’m surrounded by extended family with my siblings’ and husband’s own children and grandchildren. All care and no responsibility…but life is very good!

I do have Hashimoto’s disease (disintegrated thyroid) for which I was taking 150mg of Thyroxine daily for the last 18 years.

I heard about Dr Liu’s practice from a fellow golfer who had tried detox and acupuncture for arthritis following her own sports related injury. My wrists were becoming a chronic problem with pain and stiffness from arthritis…and stopping playing golf was not a happy outcome. Keen to try alternative measures rather than ongoing medications and surgery, I opted to speak to Dr Liu to enquire if his programme could help me.

Dr Liu was very honest with me, saying he could not cure my arthritic wrists but by following his programme he would be able to reduce the symptoms by 80%. Even though the idea of fasting for three weeks sounded very severe, I was determined to give it my best shot.  Even though the herbs at first tasted vile, I was determined to follow it through, and even though we are sorely tempted to cheat sometimes, the immediate results of some weight loss (an added bonus) kept me on the straight and narrow!! Acupuncture isn’t always the most pleasant but the accompanying wonderful massage offsets that completely!

My husband’s support at home was fabulous and friend’s reactions to dropping a few kilos only inspires you to keep going.  Ego is a powerful motivator.  Being almost pain free from my daily massages and acupuncture was truly fantastic!  I reduced my Thyroxine intake by 2/3rds but 11 months later l only take 50mgs daily, no other medications at all, weigh 14kgs less, walk daily, do Pilates twice a week and play golf 3 times a week!! Am I happy….you bet I am!

Dr Liu is a kind and committed professional from whom I’ve learnt the importance of internal health and balance….the type and amount of food intake (not to be greedy) and maintaining a sensible daily discipline all make for a very happy outcome! Understanding how important it is for all our body’s organs to be working at their maximum effectiveness keeps me strong and determined to maintain my current feeling of well-being forever.

Anyone who asks and comments on my changed body, I am happy to share and I’ll continue my weekly treatments and herb drinks once a day because the balance feels right and I feel fantastic!

I look forward to my early Saturday morning appointment and even the taste of my warm herbs….now my elixir of good health!

Sue Perini, 65

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