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Angela Popadopoulos, 51, Melbourne

 / Angela Popadopoulos, 51, Melbourne

Angela Popadopoulos, 51, Melbourne

After countless nights of disturbed sleep, breaking out in pools of sweat and a burning sensation in my stomach, I was desperate. I had never felt so tired, I was totally exhausted and absolutely miserable, I had developed ugly black circles under my eyes which looked terrible and which pretty much summed up how I was feeling.

I got to the stage where I was falling asleep at my desk and not being able to keep my eyes open at work.

Countless trips to my doctor had gotten me nowhere, I had spent months trying to convince him something was wrong only to be told each time I was suffering from menopause and that it would pass but in the meantime I’d have to live with it.

I tried various medications and natural therapies yet nothing helped.

It didn’t take long before my lack of energy led me to start packing on the weight.

A friend of mine had previously seen Dr Liu and suggested I make an appointment. He took one look at me, examined my tongue, listened to my pulse and looked into my eyes and instantly told me what was wrong and more importantly what to do about it. He said the toxins from all the sugar I was consuming was burning my internal organs and that I had to make changes in order to feel better.

I just burst into tears, I had spent so long trying to convince my doctor there was something wrong and for somebody to actually believe me and take me seriously meant the world.

Straight away I knew I was in good hands and that I could get my health under control.

I immediately began the 101 Program and spent the first two weeks eating nothing but Chinese herbs.

As a proud Greek who loves to bake and eat sweets this proved quite a challenge but I knew if I was ever going to feel better I had to go through with it.

And to my absolute surprise after just a week on the program not only had I started feeling better but I had lost 7 kilos! I was sleeping better, my body had cooled right down and I felt good. The dark circles under my eyes were fading and my eyes were sparkling. I hadn’t looked this good in years.

The longer I stayed on the program the better I felt, and this alone was enough to spur me on to keep going. After four weeks you couldn’t stop me. I had so much energy, I felt terrific. I have two daughters aged 22 and 23 and they were just amazed as I was.

When I completed the program they bought me a Fitbit so I could keep track of my progress and before I knew it I was walking 10,000 steps a day. Before the program I was struggling to walk around the block.

My husband was so proud of me and what I had done. And pretty soon he noticed a change in himself, just by eating healthier meals he lost a whopping 14 kilos due to nothing but a change in our diet.

It has been about 9 months since I completed the program and honestly feel like a new women. I have so much energy, am sleeping right through the night which for me is unheard of and feel so much better. When I first met Dr Liu I weighed 74.2 kilos and now weigh just 51.8 kilos and have stayed that way. I do lash out every now and then and return to my previous bad habits but know as soon as I add sugar to my diet I start feeling sick almost straight away. My body can’t tolerate sugary and fatty foods anymore and I know if I eat them I will suffer the next day.

Before I started the program I really didn’t think I would live another year, but today almost a year on I feel the healthiest I have ever been and probably the happiest.

Dr Liu is my guardian angel and I really don’t know where I’d be without him

Angela Popadopoulos, 51, Melbourne

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