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Danielle Ford, 21, Bungador

 / Danielle Ford, 21, Bungador

Danielle Ford, 21, Bungador

“Being diagnosed with three auto-immune disorders within a couple of months left me constantly tired, lacking energy and unable to function normally. At just 21 it was not where I wanted to be.

I had been suffering dangerously low platelet levels for many years and my family and friends were getting very concerned about my long-term health.

An allergic reaction to the very heavy doses of antibiotics I was on was the last straw leaving me bedridden for a week, cripple for six weeks  and wondering where to go next! Having constantly been given only the one option – to go on western medication that didn’t agree with my body.

A friend had previously consulted Dr Liu with some great results so despite the three-hour each-way trip to his Melbourne clinic I decided to give his program a go.

It was probably one of the toughest things I’ve ever done but also one of the most worthwhile.

In the beginning I was a mess, I was so tired, however after losing my appetite due to the amount of drugs I was taking I didn’t find the lack of food too challenging.

It was more the lack of energy, starving your body takes its toll and I was a wreck.

However, by the end of the three-week intensive program I was actually starting to feel better. I had more energy than I’d had for a long time, better concentration,  felt healthier and for the first time in a long time felt like I was heading in the right direction. This gave me hope that my long term health would eventually improve and that I would be able to do the things that a normal 21 year old does.

Recent blood tests revealed my platelet levels were on the increase and have continued to improve.

I really do owe my positive results to Dr Liu and his program, I feel better today than I have for a very long time, he has not only improved my overall health but helped me identify the signs when my body needs some extra attention.

I am now back working full-time and studying a commerce degree which I hope to complete this year.

I am in the best shape I have been in for many years and know this will continue to improve while I am following Dr Liu’s program.”

Danielle Ford, 21, Bungador

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