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Elias Abdo, 51, Penrith

 / Elias Abdo, 51, Penrith

Elias Abdo, 51, Penrith

I am 51 years young, married with two handsome boys and I run my own busy motor mechanical workshop in Penrith.  I felt pretty good, but probably carried a little more weight than I should.

A close friend of mine had a serious health issue which the medical world could not resolve.  Strangely enough, my parents were suffering from the same condition.  It was a real wake up call.

I heard about Dr Liu and saw what he had achieved with people who really had no other option.  Dr Liu’s treatment really seemed to work for them.  I decided to go and see Dr Liu before I had a real need.  In fact, I took my whole family to see him.

The hardest part was not eating as all humans normally eat!  The third day was my worst day ever. It was okay after that.  I just had to come to terms with not eating or not eating much.   I must say that the herb drink really does work.   You don’t feel hungry and you have energy to work. I normally have pretty long days between physical work at my workshop & other duties after hours.

The best part was seeing results.  I lost an incredible 20 kilos.  I feel so much better in so manner different ways.  The treatment was certainly worth the time and the money I spent.

I have learnt that your body is incredible, it can repair itself with your determination & Dr Liu’s guidance.

Elias Abdo, 51, Penrith

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