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How Chinese Medicine can restore wellbeing in your hectic lifestyle

 / How Chinese Medicine can restore wellbeing in your hectic lifestyle

RESCU.com.au – 19 September 2015

“How Chinese Medicine can restore wellbeing in your hectic lifestyle

Keeping healthy can be hard for the best of us. Despite trying to opt for healthier lifestyle options, our hectic lifestyles often take its toll on our wellbeing. We spoke to Dr Shuquan Liu, founder of Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia, who shared his philosophies about the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and what traditional Chinese medicine can do to help.

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RESCU: Tell us a little about your background in Chinese Medicine

I studied Chinese Medicine for ten years and finished both my Masters Degree and PHD in China. I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 23 years. It’s my personal belief that we should not wait until we get sick to be treated and I think this is a huge problem in the Western world. Many people don’t necessarily feel sick, but their internal organs are not balanced. Western treatments do not always reveal this problem. I completely believe it is possible to work hard and remain stress free, which is why I chose to specialise in filling the gap between a patient’s current health level and their maximum health level, preventing problems rather than treating them.

 RESCU: Most of us work in offices and sit for very long periods of time — are there any Chinese Medicine techniques or treatments that can help alleviate the back and neck pain that is associated with sitting?

The best way to fix this problem is using professional massages and acupuncture to bring your back, neck and the rest of your body back to their optimum health level. These treatments improve circulation and give your body a better flow of energy overall. You will, however require professional advice to determine how many treatments you’ll need. How you continue to use your body after treatment is extremely important, as it’s crucial to maintain this health level. Ensure you get up for 2-5 minutes every 45 minutes, stretching your neck and back to avoid overuse of muscles and ligaments.

 RESCU: What kinds of treatments and techniques would you suggest for someone who is suffering from corporate burnout or adrenal fatigue?

People don’t always realise that our emotions are extremely important – we need to ensure we keep our bodies calm and completely happy from the inside. People try to use holidays, eating well and exercising to balance and repair physical exertion, but by the time you realise you need a break it’s already too late – the damage is done. If you’re waking up feeling tired, or you constantly have no energy, don’t wait until you burn out completely; it’s important that you listen to your body and address any abnormalities immediately. I would suggest making an appointment to see a professional who can help rebalance your organs and develop a personalised maintenance routine.

No matter what, it’s extremely important to ensure you get a good sleep every night (at least 8 hours) and that you use your body to the same extent daily – huge variation in your routine can be harmful.

 RESCU: Are there any techniques or treatments you would recommend for someone who wants to increase clarity, focus and productivity at work?

To increase clarity, focus and productivity at work, you need to ensure you have enough energy. In order for this to happen, you first need to ensure your organs and physical body function are in a perfectly balanced manner, meaning you’re at your optimum health level. It’s important we don’t overuse any organs in our body, including our brains – for example, reading for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is overusing your brain and, as soon as you begin losing concentration, you know you’ve overdone it.

It’s important we make sure we balance the use of our bodies, both physically and emotionally. For example, if you’re feeling physically tired, don’t push your body to do any further physical activity or exercise – you need to lie down or sleep to let your body regroup. If you need to read a lot or maintain focus for long periods of time throughout the day, ensure you have up to 15 minutes of rest, or a power nap, between 12.00pm – 1.00pm. This gives your body time to rest and regroup, saving enough energy for the afternoon and reducing the risk of burnout.

 RESCU: Those of us with particularly stressful lives can sometimes experience hormonal imbalances as a result. What would you recommend to balance hormones?

When you begin experiencing hormonal imbalances, it is important we treat internal organs first. I would recommend focusing on rebalancing your internal organs and getting those to function/age at the same rate, using a good diet, regular exercise and a balanced routine to maintain this stability. 

 RESCU: We know sleep is extremely important, but some people do struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. What would you recommend for anyone who struggles with sleep? 

If you’re consistently not sleeping well, it is evident that your internal organs are not balanced – this problem needs to be addressed before you can improve your sleeping patterns. Firstly, if you’re waking up throughout the night it’s important to keep your eyes closed and try laying still before getting up around 5.00am to allow your body enough time to rest.

Having a one on one consultation with a professional who can help you develop a customised sleeping plan is crucial. Once your organs are rebalanced, you will be able to sleep well without any sleeping pills or medicine and, when you’ve reached this point it’s important to maintain this balance by going to bed at the same time each night (between 9.00pm – 10.00pm). You will then find that you begin waking at the same time each day naturally.

 RESCU: Are there any treatments you would recommend we book in for when we need an energy boost? 

When your internal organs are balanced, your energy levels rise, you can concentrate for longer periods, you sleep better and are physically stronger. I would recommend booking a professional consultation at the start of each season – during this consultation, we can determine any weaknesses in your internal organs and treat them before they cause any further damage. Each of our treatments are specifically tailored to each patient following a one on one consultation.

 RESCU: And finally, what’s your number one health tip for corporate women at risk of burnout?

Listen to your body. Your body will warn you when it needs rest – if you’re lacking energy or your body is not performing as well as normal, this is a warning sign that needs to be addressed. It’s important to remember that, if you’re physically or mentally tired, don’t push your body any further; give yourself time to rest and remember to keep everything balanced.”

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