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Ian & Beverley Jarvis, Rockhampton

 / Ian & Beverley Jarvis, Rockhampton

Ian & Beverley Jarvis, Rockhampton

I had put on 15 kilos over the years and my husband Ian had creeped up to around 132 kilos.   I saw something about Malcolm Turnbull having been on Dr Liu’s programme back in 2012 and Mr Turnbull indicated had not put the weight back on.

We had tried many diets over the years and had always put the weight back on.  I sent Dr Liu an email to ask whether we could do his programme remotely as we live in the country near Rockhampton.

Ian had to go to Sydney for a conference and I was at a loose end.  So I went to see Dr Liu.  Both Ian and I started the treatment and went home to Rockhampton to continue the treatment.  We were on the herbs and black tea for two weeks, and then as per Dr Liu’s programme added in a small amount of food.

I lost 15 kilos in around two months and Ian continued a little longer as he had more weight to lose but by Christmas that year, Ian had lost around 31 kilos.   We had a cruise booked that year and we have had a few holidays and cruises since then and we have kept the weight off.  We still use the herbs frequently thought to keep our weight where we like it to be.

Today, I manage Dr Liu’s remote programme for him to assist people living in remote areas to go and stay on his programme.

The hard part of the programme is that you have to adjust to not sitting down to dinner with your family and you have to find something else to do during meal times.

Ian is a commercial pilot and as part of his licence he has to have a comprehensive medical check-up every year.  The last couple of years, he has had to undergo stress ECG tests as his blood pressure was slightly elevated.  After undergoing the Dr Liu 101 programme, his blood pressure had reduced to the extent that there was not necessity for the Stress ECG test.  His blood pressure is 100 percent normal and his cholesterol levels are really good.

We feel healthy, we look good and there is nothing better than going to the shop than buying clothes that are a smaller size.  My husband was so big it was so difficult to get clothes to fit him where now we can go to any store.  We are so pleased with the result.

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