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Kaye Trewartha, 39, Melbourne

 / Kaye Trewartha, 39, Melbourne

Kaye Trewartha, 39, Melbourne

“My energy levels returned, the weight started to drop off ( I have lost 20kgs and kept it off) and I have increased mental clarity which I didn’t expect. I had full blood work done before I started and again after being on the program and everything returned to normal levels.”

When I first met Dr Liu I was at a stage in my life where things had significantly stalled.

I had been quite unwell in 2014 which resulted in me being hospitalised with multiple pulmonary emboli (blood clots which get lodged in arteries of the lungs). I spent 12 months on Warfarin therapy and my fitness levels (which has previously been good) dropped considerably. I also gained weight.

I had grossly underestimated the time required to recover properly and I was at a point where I was questioning a lot of things and was very much struggling to get things back on track. I knew there needed to be some big changes and felt this needed to start with my physical being given my ill health.

Dr Liu had been in the back of my mind as I had read about him being responsible for Malcolm Turnbull’s considerable weight loss some years ago. I was also looking for a different approach and heard from many friends and associates the benefits they had received from looking at Eastern Medicine alternatives.

When I met with Dr Liu after his initial assessment he looked me straight in the eyes and told me in very blunt terms that I was not well. He confirmed what I already knew that things would only get worse if I didn’t get my body functioning properly again. To quote Dr Liu “your body has been overused”. He was brutally honest during my consult and I came away feeling upset and overwhelmed but at the same time relieved that someone had spelt it out to me in a way that had resonated with me. And it was very apparent his comments came from a place of genuine concern.

So I started!

My first comment is that Dr Liu’s program requires a massive commitment. Unless you have a period in your life where you have a relatively clear run at things (whether that be at work or with family commitments) and a clear vision and mental commitment to turn your health around it will not work.

It is also imperative to run your own race on this. If you are doing it with someone they will have a different experience to you. Block that out and focus on you and your results and goals.

For me, I picked dates after my birthday in October. You need to surrender to the program especially in the first few weeks when it is very new and confronting and an enormous physical shock to your system. You need to embrace even what might seem the smallest of details. An example of this is the clinic. The smell of the herbs (to me) was overwhelming. The practitioners are delightful and caring however they speak very little English. This makes communication hard which is important in the first few weeks when things are difficult.  I found talking to others on the program (even when waiting to pay the bill, or in the car park or waiting at the after-hours entrance to be buzzed in) was encouraging and comforting.

For me, by the worst part of the program was the physical complications. I have a lot of stairs at my place and I struggled to get to the top without puffing. I got chest pains. My mouth felt dry and horrible; I carried a tooth brush and toothpaste to work and cleaned my teeth twice a day.

Some days (during the two week fast at the start) I really struggled and had a tiny bit of honey or vegemite on a spoon just to get through it with some sense of “normality”. I also stayed completely away from my favourite cafes and restaurants; kept social outings to a minimum as I didn’t want to be that person who was a pain at the table. As restrictive as this sounds (and it was) in the context of getting a healthy life back a very small sacrifice. I slept a lot, went to bed early and got up early. I slept incredibly solidly every night.

The herbs were another challenge, I didn’t cope with the liquid!! I went on capsules after two days.

I was vomiting the liquid and just refused to persist despite Dr Liu’s recommendation. If I hadn’t moved to the capsules I doubt I could have continued the program. This is another example of running your own race, do what you can to make it as manageable as possible. For me, this switch was a huge assistance.

There were plenty of doubters (and eye rollers!) who thought what I was doing was silly so I ignored them and focused on the people supporting my endeavour and the end goal of being healthy again! Despite all the hardship things did actually start to turn around.

My energy levels returned, the weight started to drop off ( I have lost 20kgs and kept it off) and I have increased mental clarity which I didn’t expect. I had full blood work done before I started and again after being on the program and everything returned to normal levels.

Today, simply, life is just easier.  I feel happier, more confident, I make better choices. Life is just easier.

This period of my life is without doubt one of my proudest achievements and this experience means an enormous amount to me. Dr Liu’s teachings will remain firmly entrenched in my life moving forward and I cannot thank Dr Liu and his wonderful team enough for this experience.

Kaye Trewartha, 39, Melbourne

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