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Manuela Watson, 55, Melbourne

 / Manuela Watson, 55, Melbourne

Manuela Watson, 55, Melbourne

“To date I have lost and kept off over 20 kilos and really feel tremendous. I feel so much more confident and happy, I love shopping for clothes and not having to go to stores that sell  larger sizes.”

“I had tried every diet and I do mean EVERY diet under the sun. Nothing was working but I didn’t want to accept the fact that just because I might be going through menopause it was a reason to put and keep on weight.

All I wanted to do was get back into shape and lose a few kilos but I never expected the results I achieved.

I’d initially heard about Dr Liu from a friend who had gotten amazing results on the program, she looked so healthy, her skin was glowing, her hair looked so shiny and she lost a lot of weight!

So I decided to give it a go! I can still remember my first consultation, after about 15 minutes Dr Liu asked quite bluntly “do you want the good news or the bad”? He told me about 25 per cent of my body was toxic and I would need eight weeks on his program to detox and repair but that I could return to full health.

After a really lovely massage I left Dr Liu’s rooms with some herbs which I quickly discovered had the worst taste ever! Coming to terms with the fact that I would have nothing but these herbs for the next few weeks took a little while to get used to.

For the first few days I felt terrible, headaches, nausea, not sleeping well, it was pretty tough. I have a very busy life with work and kids, I could not put that on hold so had to try and carry on as best as I could. I had quite severe vomiting for the first few days as well but as time passed so did the vomiting.

By the end of the first week and despite not eating anything I actually started to feel a little better, I had more energy and was really clear headed. As I live in Melbourne, Dr Liu is not always at the clinic, but as luck would have it on Day 7 he was there. When he saw me he put out his hands and shook mine congratulating me on getting through the first week. I told him how shocking I had felt and he said I needed to expect that as my body was ridding itself of toxins.

From there, I went from strength to strength.  Dr Liu said it was like a marathon and that slowly but surely I would get there.

I guess one of the hardest parts was cooking meals for my family, especially in the early stages when you crave the action of actually chewing not just drinking liquid.

I knew at Day 14 food would be introduced back into my diet and was so excited but this feeling very quickly turned to disappointment!!!! For the next two weeks I could only eat five days of half a Lebanese cucumber before 1pm plus the herbs three times a day and the other two days 50g cooked white protein before 1pm (boiled egg fish chicken tofu). I had come this far I knew I had to just keep going.

Slowly, slowly more foods were gradually added back to my diet and I felt better and better.

About 6 weeks into the program I tried on a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn for years and really noticed that I had lost a dramatic amount of weight. I attended my daughter’s 21st soon after and felt absolutely fantastic. It was the first time people had seen me since I had started on the program and they were totally blown away. I really felt great, looked pretty good and just beamed with pride at what I had done.

To date I have lost and kept off over 20 kilos and really feel tremendous. I feel so much more confident and happy, I love shopping for clothes and not having to go to stores that sell  larger sizes.

Doing Liu’s 101 Program has been one of the hardest things I have ever done but something that I am so proud of. After what I have been through I really think I could achieve anything. It has been a long journey with a destination well worth it.”

Manuela Watson, 55, Melbourne

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