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Alice, GP, Sydney

 / Alice, GP, Sydney

Alice, GP, Sydney

For something I was doing for my health I don’t think I have ever looked  or felt so unwell in my life.
Dr Liu’s 101 program is brutal there’s no other way to describe it.

It is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done but also  a great achievement.

I had been having trouble with my eyes for a long time. I had severe dry eyes and they would get very swollen and red. It was like I was looking through a haze and to be honest I was quite desperate.

As a doctor I had tried different remedies and seen specialists but there was only little relief.

One of my patients had been seeing Dr Liu and was getting fantastic results for another condition. I chose to consult him for myself. I felt I had nothing to lose. I was surprised when he advised me that my proportion of waist to hip size was out of balance and my liver could not function properly.

I was commenced on the 101 Wellbeing program and the kilos just fell off me.

I lost about 7 kilos in the  first two weeks and friends and family and even patients began to ask if I was sick . It was so hard . However in the first few days I felt as if my blood was clearing and my eyes had become normal.

Over the last week I had no energy and felt lethargic and faint. It was an absolute struggle .

I worked right through the two week fast and was exhausted most of the time.

I took it day by day. I didn’t think about tomorrow. My focus was just on making it through each day.

Strangely I found cooking to be my saviour . Even though I couldn’t eat the food, just smelling the aroma was comforting and made me feel a little better.

When I did complete the program I could not put into words the sense of relief I felt. It was a real sense of achievement.

As a doctor I cannot explain how it worked but it did. It sounds bizarre but after completing the 101 Wellbeing program my eyes have improved.

Dr Liu talks about how the program allows your organs to function efficiently and at their optimum levels. I have been curious and accepted this with some scepticism .

Western medicine describes decreased risk for diabetes and heart disease with decreased waist  measurement. I hadn’t considered that other health issues could benefit from decreasing waist size.

However Dr Liu takes it further.  He advises when the organs are functioning optimally there is improved sleep, stability of emotions and  even reflection of life’s goals. it sounds a holistic philosophy.

Since doing the program my eyes have improved. I feel as if my body has had a re-boot. I generally feel happier and calmer.

It has been one of the hardest things I have done and also one of the most worthwhile.

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