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Sophia Hatziandreou, 44, Melbourne

 / Sophia Hatziandreou, 44, Melbourne

Sophia Hatziandreou, 44, Melbourne

I am 44 years of age, work full-time and a mother of four teenagers.  I have a passion for health and seeking answers to health issues.  My family are also on the health path, I have a daughter who is in second year university studying Chinese medicine and a son who is in first year university studying health science majoring in nutrition.  We do not like western medicine that only treats the symptom of the disease or ailment and not the cause.  There is a time and place for modern medicine, but not for problems that can be fixed with diet and lifestyle.

Due to high levels of stress and a lack of time, I slowly started to gain weight, my diet was not an unhealthy one, I was basically eating fresh fruit, vegetables and a little fish, however I was gaining weight.  My body was struggling and I could feel that I was deteriorating and by December 2014 I was suffering from chronic back pain, I have been an asthmatic all of my life and I was going through puffers like no tomorrow.  I weighed in at 98.5 kilos and was constantly tired.

While on a holiday in Hawaii last December, I struggled with severe back pain.  A few family members had seen Dr Liu and I swore that if I landed back in Sydney in one piece I would go and see him.  I arrived home on January 8 and was in his Sydney office on January 10.

Dr Liu took only a few minutes to diagnose me.  He said that I was unbalanced and my liver, spleen and kidneys were not functioning correctly.  I started the program that day.  My first few days were filled with detoxing and it wasn’t pleasant, however, being health focussed, I had detoxed and done fasts in the past.  I had previously done 10 days on water and knew that I had to push through the discomfort in order to feel better.

I found that In order to get through Dr Liu’s treatment you have to focus on health, not weight loss.  If you focus on health you seem to get a surge of energy and power to carry you through, focussing on weight is just shallow, health is the real issue.

Day one all you can think about is food, how you can’t eat and how hungry you are. Day 2 and 3, you feel horrid, detoxing from every exit, feeling sick, hot and cold flushes, headaches, but you keep going because you don’t want to waste the first few days of fasting.  Then the miracle happens, you start to feel better on day 4 then day 5.  My back by this stage was “fixed” there was no pain at all, then the momentum starts mentally.  You start thinking OMG this is actually working, my mind is clearer, I feel energised, I am lighter, there is no pain.  Then really the rest is history.  Your body starts to feel amazing, weight is dropping off and you feel a million dollars.  The massage and acupuncture work well in conjunction with the herbs to help balance the body.  Open the energy channels and warm the specific organs in the body into action. Everything starts to work and do what it is suppose to do.

I ended up at 76 kilos by the time I had been seeing Dr Liu for 3 months.  I decreased my asthma puffers, I had no back pain and I felt energised and clear headed.  The best part about Dr Liu’s treatment is that your body is still getting energy needed through the herbs.

Before Dr Liu I had a diet of only fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.  I had already eliminated red meat from my diet but on day 10 of Dr Liu I had a colonic irrigation which I regularly do.  Dr Liu doesn’t have colonics as part of his program but this is part of my health regime.  During that colonic, I passed 8 parasites.  The only other time that this has happened to me is when doing a water fast.  They say that every second person has a parasite, I considered myself to be one of the healthier ones, but Dr Liu’s treatment was very effective in detoxing my body to the max.

Now I have been seeing Dr Liu for 18 months, I see him regularly at least on a fortnightly basis for maintenance.  I still take the herbs daily.  I believe that I will be going to Dr Liu for life, as maintenance is the key.  Your body needs to stay in balance  to maintain health, seeing Doctor Liu keeps my body in balance and maintained so that it can age evenly and work effectively.

I now have more energy than ever and noticeably am calmer and happier, I don’t get as stressed and irritated, I am relaxed most of the time and smiling.  I see other mum’s around me that cannot keep up the pace of daily life, they are tired and sick.  Most people comment on my energy levels and the amount of work I can do, I believe that it is the herbs and the fact that my body is balanced and working efficiently.  People have fasted for millions of years, animals fast when they are sick and this is also something that we should do for optimum health and for rebalancing and resetting the body.

Dr Liu is also a product of his treatment.  He is a well balanced, smart, relaxed and logical person.  He works most days of the week and is in a routine. Dr Liu is very understanding and easy to talk to with any concerns that I had during the course of the treatment and even to this day.  I to am now in a routine, I have herbs in the mornings and eat only vegetables on most days.  I work 6 days a week and drive 500-600km most weeks for work and kid commitments.

Dr Liu explained to me that the body is suppose to age evenly and we are suppose to die, with all organs giving up at the same time.  It is not normal for people to have heart disease, kidney failure or other issues.  This is a result of the body not working right and one organ compensating for the other and eventually wearing out.  My grandfather is a result of perfect aging and balance, he died last year at 105, his body aged evenly.  I now plan to age the same way, and on Dr Liu’s program with maintenance I am aiming at getting to 110.

Sophia Hatziandreou, 44, Melbourne

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