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In Brisbane, Turnbull's Chinese Doctor...

HE helped Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shed 14kg in one month and now acclaimed Chinese medicine doctor Dr Shuquan Liu is setting up shop in Brisbane.

Dr Liu’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia (TCM) is best known for its Wellbeing 101 program that involves cutting food in favour of herbal tea for two weeks with an aim of achieving “optimum health”.

The program, which includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, and cupping can run for up to three months and cost anywhere from $3000 to $6000 or more.

Dr Liu said his program could assist people to live older than 100 years by healing from the inside out.

“People internal organs are not healthy, they take too much stress, they’re not sleeping well, they take the wrong food and the wrong amount,” he said.

“If they have balance they can control it much better.”

Why Brisbane, why now?

FIVE years ago, Brisbane could have had its own Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia (TCM) clinic but Dr Shuquan Liu said he decided to open in rival capital Melbourne first.

“And then I’ve been so busy in Melbourne and Sydney that I didn’t have time until now,” Dr Liu said.

But with an increasing amount of patients travelling to attend his Sydney and Melbourne clinics, Dr Liu said he had to open a Queensland clinic.“The Brisbane people have to travel and I cannot do my program properly like that. For the best results, I have to open in Brisbane,” he said.

Dr Liu said he closed one of his Sydney clinics to afford himself the time to attend the new clinic in Brisbane where he will be one day a week.

But despite the Edward St clinic opening on September 28, you may struggle to get an appointment.

“I’m already booked four weeks ahead already,” Dr Liu said.

About the 101 Wellbeing program

Dr Liu says people incorrectly think they are aren’t sick and therefore don’t need treatment.

“That is not true because you need to improve the quality of life and make sure you fix your life and when you’re 80 that you stay on the optimum health level,” he said.

Dr Liu said there were so many people living with “a huge gap” between their current health and their optimum health level.

“And they don’t realise that the gap cannot be fixed by exercising and dieting and eating well. My treatment is to fill that gap in a short space of time and make their organs function.”

Dr Liu said he started with the internal organs and moved onto physical body shape like the stomach where people often carried “too much”.

“Sometimes they have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, overweight and they can’t use exercise and diet to fix that anymore. At that time, it doesn’t matter how well you eat or exercise, it’s far too late,” he said.

“That’s how my treatment works for them — to fix that gap between their current and their optimum health level. We use herbal medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, cupping, all the natural remedies to fix the problem.”

The cost

HOW much would you pay if someone told you they could help you live to 100?

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia (TCM) Dr Shuquan Liu’s says people think his Wellness 101 program which costs anywhere from $3000 to $6000 is “very expensive”.

“But it’s not really, it depends on how much they need. Some people only need to clean out five per cent of their body,” Dr Liu said.

“Maybe some people will only clean out 10 per cent of their body and need four weeks and it costs them $3000, but if people need 12 week treatment costs more.”

He said more than 30 per cent of his patients who had completed Wellness 101 continued to visit the clinic once a week or fortnight to keep their body at “optimum level”.

“One you stay on optimum health level, you feel great, you’re happy, you taste food, you sleep better so you don’t want to go backwards,” Dr Liu said.

“So it’s not like I have to force them so stay the same because they want to stay the same.”