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How do you know when your internal organs...

So you are trying to eat right, you are working out regularly, but you’re still not able to lose weight. You feel hungry all the time and have good food days, and not so good food days.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia (TCM Australia) Founder Dr Shuquan Liu, PhD, says chances are you are addicted to food. 

“Yes, food is wonderful. But we all eat too much and too often – and then there are the starchy carbohydrates that are hard to resist. The net result is we simply overload our internal organs and fail to give them a rest,” said Dr Liu.

Resetting your relationship with food is a powerful way to gain control over this common form of addiction. It will mean your body can enjoy food and process valuable nutrients, and the focus is on food as fuel rather than satisfying a craving.

If your internal organs are not functioning properly, then they will have to work extra hard – which, unfortunately, puts them at risk of permanent damage.

Also, crucially for weight, poorly functioning organs mean that any food or drink that goes into your body will end up staying in there for too long, as they sluggishly work their way through your system.

This process requires huge amounts of energy and results in a lower rate of metabolism, and it also gives toxins more time to get absorbed into your large intestine, which is why you might end up feeling bloated, tired and unwell.

Basically, until you go through the process of resetting your body and getting your digestive organs in peak working order, it doesn’t matter what food or drink you put in your mouth, including water, because it won’t be properly digested.

“At Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia, we recommend a custom program of herbal tea, detox massages, acupuncture, and cupping. The program gives your digestion and internal organs a rest and supports the repair process,” said Dr Liu.

“We have had many patients through our doors who have been transformed into healthy, vibrant, lean people living at their optimum health level – from leading business people, homemakers, students and more – even people from overseas have come to our clinics for treatments. (see our testimonials here)”

“Once your organs are functioning at their optimum level, even if you treat yourself to a juicy burger or, at times, consume too much of a good thing, your body will be strong enough to process the food and rid itself of the toxins, causing less damage to be done.”

Treating our bodies from the inside, out and ensuring our internal organs are looked after will make us better equipped to deal with the temptations and pressures of modern life.

“Think of it this way: imagine you have a car with leaking, rusty pipes, a sad old engine and a malfunctioning fuel pump. It won’t make a difference if you put the very best, most expensive petrol into it. It still won’t run well because the basic machinery needs to be repaired first.

It’s the same with your body. Until you work at making sure your internal organs are in harmony, aging and functioning at the same rate, you won’t be able to get the benefits (or long lasting weight loss) that should come with eating a balanced, nourishing diet.

Once you are balanced and at your maximum health level, you should find that your weight doesn’t change from day to day and your organs will be able to naturally and comfortably keep you at your peak health and put an end to cravings.”