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If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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A personal pharmaceuticals company at your fingertips

To help you understand why Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine is so effective, I’d like you to imagine the following situation…

You feel so unwell. So you go to your GP like you normally do, hoping to get a prescription for some drugs to make you feel better. But something funny happens during your consultation. Instead of spending 7 minutes with you and scribbling out a prescription, your doctor picks up the phone.

She calls the local pharmaceuticals company, and tells them that she has a patients who needs some custom made medicine. She outlines your age, general state of health, where you live and what you do for work plus the nature and severity of your current condition. You even overhear a discussion about the weather!

If this isn’t strange enough, when she puts down the phone your GP tells you that the drug company is going to prepare your personal medicine and it will be ready to pick up tomorrow! Now this scenario sounds pretty far-fetched I know. And unless you’re Bill Gates and you can buy the drug company, that’s probably not going to happen. On the other hand, when it comes to traditional Chinese herbal medicine, this is precisely the sort of personal care and attention you get.

Chinese medicine is designed just for you!

What’s more, your unique medicine is going to do more than just target your symptoms. It's going to rebalance your body, so the cause of the symptoms goes away too! As I write this there are over 400 Chinese herbs stored at each of my clinics. When we prescribe herbal medicine for you, that medicine can contain anywhere from one to twenty different herbs (the average is six to twelve herbs per formula).

We even vary the quantities and ratios of the herbs that go into your medicine, depending on the sorts of factors I have mentioned before – like your age, state of health, lifestyle and a host of other environmental considerations.

That means that the medicine you take is tailor-made for you, right down to the minutest detail.