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If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Dr Shuquan Liu

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia was founded by Dr. Shuquan Liu, who is a highly qualified and renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a recognised leader in the field.

Since graduating from Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University with a PhD, Dr. Shuquan Liu has devoted the past 24 years to sharing his philosophies about the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Shuquan Liu has helped thousands of Australians improve their physical and emotional health through traditional Chinese medicine, and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and experience.

Dr. Shuquan Liu aims to help each of his patients to live an optimum life, healthy and pain free, and he personally trains all of the practitioners working in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia clinics.

Dr. Shuquan Liu has a deep passion for healing and has developed specialised treatments which impact on the health and free-flow energy within the human body. 

He uses his incredible knowledge of Chinese medicine to stimulate the body, the mind and the spirit in order to heal on a cellular level.  Dr. Liu guides his patients with care and skill back to physical, mental and emotional health and wellness through his therapies that enhance the body’s own regenerative and healing processes.

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Our Philosophy


Improve the quality of your daily life

This improvement can come without changing your daily life drastically.  Every day, you should wake up feeling refreshed. TCM Australia aids in helping you live a pain free, healthy happy life.

Create an environment where your health is a priority

By making your organs function at the same rate, TCM Australia will help your organs to age slowly and evenly. This will help alleviate genetic weaknesses in the family.

Help you reach your maximum life potential

TCM Australia will help you extend your life with Dr Liu making this goal his life’s work with the aim that all his patients live to 100, or even beyond.