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If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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About Us

Pioneered by leading Chinese doctor, Shuquan Liu, the long-term benefits are extraordinary and deliver such incredible results. You will be amazed. Your friends and family will notice a huge change.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Australia has literally assisted thousands of people deal with health issues using specially designed treatments involving acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia seeks to address all aspects of a person.  By treating not only the symptoms of an illness but also the source from which the illness originates, TCM Australia helps patients heal, alleviate physical and emotional suffering in order to preserve health and vitality and to prevent further illness.

Why wait to do something positive about your health?

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The TCM approach is gentle, intuitive and has been credited with transforming the lives of many Australians, restoring their health and wellbeing.

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Our Philosophy


Improve the quality of your daily life

This improvement can come without changing your daily life drastically.  Every day, you should wake up feeling refreshed. TCM Australia aids in helping you live a pain free, healthy happy life.

Create an environment where your health is a priority

By making your organs function at the same rate, TCM Australia will help your organs to age slowly and evenly. This will help alleviate genetic weaknesses in the family.

Help you reach your maximum life potential

TCM Australia will help you extend your life with Dr Liu making this goal his life’s work with the aim that all his patients live to 100, or even beyond.