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About Us

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia was founded by Dr Shuquan Liu, who is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a recognized leader in the field.

Since graduating from Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University with a PhD, Dr Liu has devoted the past 22 years to sharing his philosophies about the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Rapidly Achieve Balance and a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr Liu has helped thousands of Australians to improve their physical and emotional health through traditional Chinese medicine, and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and experience.

Living to more than 100 years

Dr. Liu aims to help each of his patients to live for 100 years or more, both drug free and pain free, and he personally trains all of the practitioners working in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia clinics.

Founder Dr Shuquan Liu, PhD, has a proven approach to delivering health and it’s all about supporting the major organs.

101 Wellbeing Program incorporates three main focuses:

Improve the quality of your daily life

This improvement can come without changing your daily life drastically. Every day, you should wake up feeling refreshed. TCM Australia aids in helping you live a pain free and drug free, happy life.

Reduce the aging speed of your organs

TCM Australia will help your organs to age slowly and evenly. This will help alleviate genetic weaknesses in the family.

Help you reach maximum life potential

TCM Australia will help you live so that you will pass away in old age when every organ is physically ready. At this time of life, you will be calm and will accept the ending of your long and happy life comfortably and peacefully.