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Australia’s leading Chinese herbalist

Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia (TCM Australia) brings the health and longevity secrets from centuries of ancient Chinese medicine, to the modern lifestyle.

Founder Dr Shuquan Liu, PhD, has a proven approach to delivering health and it’s all about supporting the major organs.

“We believe it is possible for every Australian to live a long and healthy life free of pain and disease using traditional Chinese medicine treatments and wisdom that has worked for more than 5000 years.” Dr Liu.

His 101 Wellbeing program is not just about shedding weight and getting back to your healthy body shape, it’s about optimum energy levels and clarity so you can live your best.

Founder Dr Shuquan Liu, PhD, has a proven approach to delivering health and it’s all about supporting the major organs.

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“Rapidly reset your health from the inside with treatments designed specifically for your own health needs.” Dr Liu

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Get optimum health, clarity, energy and longevity.

The 101 Wellbeing Program guiding principles 

Every patient is different. So each patient is prescribed a custom herbal combination from up to 400 different traditional herbs.

At TCM Australia we understand that everyone is at different life stages and health levels so we believe personalised treatment is the key to good heath.

Developed over the past 22 years by Dr Shuquan Liu the 101 Wellbeing program cleans and supports the major organs so your body can heal itself.

“It doesn’t matter how organic or clean or pure your food and drink is, if your organs aren’t working properly they won’t get the nutrients your body needs.” Dr Liu.

We have helped thousands of people deal with medical issues such as infertility, high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS, cancer, skin conditions, sciatica, muscular skeletal issues and obesity using traditional Chinese medicine treatments involving acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage.

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The 101 Wellbeing Program is the personalised regeneration and restoration program that TCM Australia is now famous for, having treated thousands of people, many of whom are high-profile leaders and CEOs, who have transformed their lives.